Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Zoo (And no, I am not referring to my house)

A couple weeks ago, my mom and Jim came down to see us. We spent some time in Wichita Falls, but we also drove down to Dallas and spent the night at the Gaylord. The next day, we woke up and took Caroline to the Ft. Worth Zoo. Warning: Picture overload.

My mom and I went shopping and Steven and Jim took Caroline to the water park there at the Gaylord. Needless to say, she LOVED it. She is part fish.
Looking at the Chimps at the zoo. It was fairly warm, so the animals were pretty lazy, but Caroline still had a blast.
This gorilla was sitting by the glass partition, so Caroline could get up close to him. She got so tickled by him and he just kept staring at her. In the bottom right pic, she is "loving" the him (this was before the gorilla started picking his nose and eating it).
Checking out the animals with Daddy
The giraffes were behind this pond, but Caroline could have cared less because there were ducks in the pond. She LOVES ducks.
Having fun!
I think this was probably one of Caroline's favorite things. We ate lunch at one of the places near the reptile house. The dining area had a huge tank with crocodiles, turtles, and other creatures in it. Caroline could not get enough of it. She and Grandma Daisy looked at the turtles for a long time.
Reading up on the animals!
We tried to get pics all together, but these were the best we could manage. I love Jimbo's face-he looks so surprised!
Caroline probably got the most excited for these little mountain goats. They came running down the hill and she got so excited. Probably the biggest reaction of the day.
Checking out some birds with Daddy
Looking at the parrots with Grandma Daisy
Caroline loved the petting zoo. Sure, looking at animals is fun, but touching them is SO much better!
We like to never got Caroline away from the water tower. She loves having water dumped on her head- definitely didn't get that from me.
We had such a great time at the zoo. It was so nice to have my mom and Jim with us too. Caroline was so worn out when we left that she was asleep before we even left the parking lot. All in all, it was a successful day!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Caroline 15 Months

Hello world! I'm back for what seems to be my once a month blog post. I said I was going to be better didn't I? Well, apparently I lied. Life has been a bit on the crazy side. No big momentous events to report, just lots of crazy little here and theres. And keeping up with my crazy Caroline. Which brings me to:
Caroline is 15 months old! Since she turned 1, I have almost stopped keeping track of the "months" and I always have to think about her technical age when people ask me. Obviously, I am not doing the monthly milestone pictures/reports, so I decided to do it every 3 months. So here we go.
Where to begin??? Caroline has changed SO much in the past 3 months. For starters, she is climbing on EVERYTHING. She has figured out how to get on every piece of furniture in the house. I walked into her room the other day to catch her standing on the arm of the rocker, holding onto the crib, with one leg on the rail of the crib ready to make a leap for it. She hasn't climbed out of her crib yet, but I have caught her trying. I'm already shopping for big girl beds.
We had the little shrimp's 15 month well visit on Monday. Good news is, she is in fact growing. At her 12 month appointment, she weighed 18 lbs 15.5 oz and was 30 1/4 in long. At 15 months, she is 20 lbs 9 oz and is 31 3/4 in tall. That means she grew an inch and a half in 3 months. Didn't gain a ton of weight, but hey, at least she finally hit the 20 pound mark. Overall though, she is perfectly healthy, so I couldn't ask for anything more.
Caroline is finally coming around to eating again. We had been in a long, horrible stretch of food strikes. She had become a little picky, but her biggest problem was just sitting still long enough to eat. For awhile it was an absolute battle just to get her in her high chair. The girl does not like to sit still and definitely does NOT like anything which constricts her movement in even the tiniest way (including her pool floatie). But, I am happy to say that in the last 10 days or so, she has actually been eating quite a bit and is eating just about anything I give her. I'm fairly certain that she is in the middle of a growth spurt which probably accounts for her bigger appetite, but I'll take whatever I can get. Dinner no longer ends in tears (mine included), so that's a positive thing.
Like I said, climbing on everything. This is her new favorite spot to sit and watch Elmo. I love how tiny she looks in the middle of the couch.
And climbing again... The water table was fun for about 2.5 seconds.
This girl loves grits. She is definitely a little Southern girl ;)
Hanging out with Daddy in his Father's Day present. There for awhile, Caroline went through this really weird phase of not wanting much to do with Steven. He was devastated to say the least. Fortunately, she has gotten over that and she is Daddy's little buddy. She gets SOOOOO excited when he comes home from work and she loves crawling on our bed in the morning to wake him up (something totally cute and adorable that I have yet to experience myself.... hint hint Darling Husband....) Of course Steven is elated to be in her favor again, but I think I am even more ecstatic because I can get 5 minutes to catch my breath after Steven gets home.
With a big pool and her own personal kiddie pool, she decides the dog bowl is a better place to cool off. Go figure.
Gone are the days of peace and quiet in our house. Instead, it is filled with constant jabber, shrieks, and giggles. Caroline is really trying to talk now, and she is actually saying a few things. Of course she says the standard "Mama", "Dada", but she has also started saying "Ni Ni" which equals "Night Night". Even though half of the time she is not actually making words, I still know exactly what she is saying because I can tell the difference between her sounds. She has gotten very good at saying "Thank you", even if it is just "Thaaaayyy". Manners are uber important, so I'll take it. She can say "cat", but only about every third or fourth time. She has just started trying to say "Elmo", which is surprising that it has taken this long because he is the Justin Beiber of her world. So for now Elmo is "Mo". One weird word that she picked up with no trouble was "hot". It is probably because we use that word so often here in death-hell-heater-box Texas.
Caroline is all about animals. She flips out when she sees any kind of animal and her favorite books are the ones with animals. Whenever she sees a horse, she says "Nay nay", a cow "ma ma", and "ba ba" for a chicken. She was doing "bah" for a sheep, but now we can't get it out of her. Horses are definitely her favorite though. I will hear her saying "Nay nay nay" and find her looking at a picture of a horse in one of her books.
First pony tail. A bit of a mullet tail, but a little business in the front and party in the back never hurt any one.
Caroline looks more and more like a little girl every day. I know that this is just what happens, but it is so crazy to see her go from a baby to this crazy little person right before my eyes.
My Sweet Caroline has become such a ham. She is so happy and friendly. This little girl has never met a stranger and she can get even the grumpiest old man in the grocery store to smile. She loves going places and seeing new things and new people.
Eating like a heavy weight.
While she might not be saying much, I know that Caroline understands A LOT of what I am saying. I can tell her to do certain things, find certain things, or go to a certain place and she actually responds. It is amazing. Yes, I realize that eventually, this is what children do, but as a mother, you begin to feel like you will literally be doing ev-er-y-thing for them for the rest of their lives, so when the little boogers start to show some independence, you feel the need to do a victory dance. Don't get me wrong, the baby phase was sweet, but I think I am just more well-suited for this phase and up. I like that we can actually interact together and it is not so one-sided. I almost wish that I could freeze time because every smile, laugh, hug, shoulder pat, and kiss is so genuine and it absolutely melts my heart. As a mom, that is the best kind of reinforcement there is. Ok, enough with the cheese. You all knew it wouldn't last for long. Toodles.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Hot Wheels

Grandma Daisy got Caroline her car for her birthday, and she LOVES it. She loves to be pushed around in it, but she is also equally as happy to go sit in it and look out the window or climb all over it.
Getting a push from Daddy

For some reason, Fred goes absolutely NUTS when we push Caroline around in the car. He will not leave her alone! Caroline's hair is sticking straight out to the side in this pic because Fred had just given her a big ol' slurp on the side of the head.

It makes her SO happy!

For now, these are the only set of wheels my Sweet Caroline will be getting. I know the day will come all too soon when we actually have to think about getting her a real set of wheels. I think I will keep this car for when she turns 16. It is basically a Flintstone-mobile, so what could be greener/more eco-friendly than that??? You're welcome tree-huggers.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Book Nerd

Caroline is definitely a book nerd.... And I couldn't be more thrilled. I really don't know how it all started, but she is obsessed with books. They are really about the only thing that hold her attention for more than about 30 seconds. When we leave the house, books are pretty much the only thing I have to grab to keep her entertained (well, that and about 30 Mum Mums).
At some point every day, Caroline sits down and pulls out her basket of books. She sits and just looks through them one at a time. When she is finished with one, she puts it aside and goes to the next. And then some times she goes back to one in the pile on the floor.
So many books, so little time....

She certainly didn't get her love of books from her Daddy, that's for sure!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

This and That

Hello world! I know some of you may have been wondering where I have been. I wish I had a good answer, but sadly, I have nothing extraordinary to report, just life in general. I have been getting up an hour to an hour and a half before Caroline, with the intentions of blogging and doing my other unneccessary/indulgent tasks during that time, but that time has been consumed by all of my household chores and basically just keeping our house from being condemned. Caroline keeps me on my toes these days. Not much gets accomplished when she is awake!
The weather has been absolutely gorgeous, so we have been spending a lot of time outside while it is still tolerable because in a couple of months, I have a feeling we won't be so excited to be outside.
Caroline is a big fan of bubbles. But I think what actually intrigues her is watching Fred run and around eating the bubbles. Yes, we are a special family.So excitedWe've also been playing at the park a lot. Caroline and I have gone a couple afternoons, but mostly we hang around after Stroller Strides so that she can run around with some of the other kids.Caroline LOVES her car. I can push her around in circles in the drive way forever. We were actually outside waiting for Daddy to come home on this particular day. And when he did:Some one was super happy!
Daddy's Girl
And of course a lot of this happens when Daddy gets home....
And this....
We have lived in Wichita Falls for over a year now, but we only recently ventured out to see "the Falls". Sad I know, especially considering we aren't exactly overwhelmed with attractions here in good ol' WF. But we checked that box.
We got Caroline a water table for her birthday. Needless to say, she LOVES it. Even if it doesn't have water in it. Go figure.
Playing with her boats
That's basically what we have been up to for the last month. I promise I will be better about blogging this month. However, I have noticed that Blogger had the nerve to change their interface while I was away. Composing this measley little post may or may not have taken 3 days and involved a few four letter words.... So, unless I can figure the new one out relatively quickly,(side note: why must these computer geeks always change things??!!! Don't they realize that I don't have the patience for the learning curve????) I probably won't be the best blogger. But I will try. Pinky promise.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Caroline's First Birthday

Now that life is somewhat returning to normal after Caroline-palooza, I am finally finding time to post about her birthday party. Get ready for picture overload folks.

This was the invitation for her party. I decided to go with a St. Patrick's Day theme because, duh, she was born on St. Patrick's Day. And I figured this would probably be one of the only years that I could get away with doing my theme of choice (I have a slight hunch that next year will involve Elmo... Just a hunch). I took the picture of her and just ordered the invitation online. But, of course, I had to find some way of complicating things, so I cut out teeny-tiny little clovers and glued them and the ribbon on the invitation (because I clearly don't appreciate sleep).

This is what the birthday girl wore. I made the dress, but the bloomers were from a little dress that I bought. They actually matched much better than they do in the picture.

The spread

Thank goodness my mom had a Cricut cartridge for the clovers so that I could make all of the banners and what-not... Otherwise, I would probably still be cutting them out... Or committed.

I made a "time-line" of all of Caroline's monthly pictures. Now, most of you who know me know that I am not really a weepy person. Sentimental yes, but weepy, no. I hadn't really given much thought to the fact that my Sweet Caroline was about to be a year old until I started printing out these pictures. I took those pictures every month and posted them on here, but really didn't look back at them after that. Once I started looking back at how much she had changed, it kind of hit me. My eyes got teary.......... And then it passed. I said I got a little weepy, I didn't say that I actually wept.

The drink table

What do you do when you have a dead animal in the middle of all of this sweetness? Why you just hang sparkly things from it, of course. Duh. (I'm pretty sure that this picture could represent a "You know you're husband is from Louisiana when" joke....)

I made the little water bottle labels. Because drinking out of regular water bottles just wouldn't work and I might have caught up on some sleep.... Or Real Housewives....

The favor bags. Funny thing is, I made the ultimate Rookie Mom mistake: I forgot to pass them out. I managed to catch the last couple kiddos while they were still in the drive way.

Caroline's cake. I still can't believe that I spent as much time on it as I did.... Only for it to be smashed. Oh, the things I do.

I found this idea on Pinterest. Basically, you just melt a Hershey kiss on top of a pretzel, and then push the M&M's in the warm chocolate.

Sugar cookies

The cupcakes. These might be some of the best cupcakes I have ever made, if I do say so myself. We had a few left over.... I may or may not have consumed about 3 cupcakes a day for the next few days...... I have a serious problem.

Mommy and the Birthday Girl!

"Yay! Caroline is 1!"

Family Pic!

Caroline and her friend Isaac. Isaac's mom Patti is one of my Stroller Strides friends. He is just a few weeks older than Caroline, so he recently celebrated a birthday as well.

Opening presents....

Getting the hang of it...

She was so not intersted in the card. Who would be with all of those ribbons?!

All she cared about was this orange ribbon

Getting some help from her BFF Addie

Kingston and his mom Katie. Isn't he a doll?! I LOVE his hat!

Nanny Darcy got Caroline a talking Elmo. Needless to say, it was a hit!

Poor dear was working on a tooth at the time and she was covered in drool. It kind of looks like she was sweating. First birthdays are a lot of work!

Grandma Daisy got Caroline her very first set of wheels. She couldn't wait to take it for a spin!

Caroline: "Come on Addie, let's go cruisin for boys!"

Addie: "Let's hit the casino too!"

Beep beep!

Chatting with Daddy

Best buds :)

At the time of her party, Caroline was going through a major food strike. I think it had something to do with the tooth she was working on and the fact that she now hates the high chair because it confines her. She would much rather eat on the run these days.

"Oh, well, maybe this won't be so bad...."

It was fun to smoosh, but she wasn't too crazy about eating it. I managed to get one lick in her mouth, but that was it. She can't be my daughter. This truly made me ponder the possibility of her being switched at birth....

She was feeding Fred and Jack here, but they were outside during the party. Shhh don't tell them they missed out on cake..... Or that we had a party and they weren't invited. They might start to believe that they are dogs.

Annnnndd, it is over. It all lasted less than 5 minutes.

After things died down and we got her cleaned up, I gave Caroline a bottle. She was SO tired. I thought she would pass out and take a nap, but of course she didn't. She had so many new things to play with!

Daddy started sucking the helium out of the balloons, because what else do you do with helium-filled balloons??? Then he started just blowing them up and letting them go in Caroline's face. She thought it was hysterical!

Nanny Darcy and David drove all the way from Houston to be at Caroline's party (Darcy is a hardcore Godmother). They are expecting their first sweet little girl in July. David was trying to get some practice, and Caroline was giving him a run for his money. Caroline can't wait for her new friend to arrive! Hopefully those two won't get into as much trouble together as Darcy and I did ;)

Overall, it was a great day celebrating my Sweet Caroline. I can't believe that an entire year has passed. Actually what I can't believe is that I managed to keep a human alive for an entire year, but it is kind of all the same. Time has flown by and I know that it will only go faster and faster. I am trying to take advantage of every little moment with Caroline because before I know it, she will be graduating from college. Or just going to Kindergarden, whichever comes first.

It is a good thing that birthdays only come once a year, because after this one, I was spent. Until next year... I better start planning now ;)